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The Monarchs are Migrating!

We had quite the mid-summer surprise this year! Tons of monarchs laid tons of eggs and we had all we could do to keep the caterpillars fed! Overall, we had great success and released hundreds of butterflies. Most of our milkweed has recovered now too!

Monarch butterflies are currently flying south for the winter (that means winter is on it's way- Hooray! We survived another summer!). Though they seem fragile, some of these beautiful creatures will fly over 3,000 miles to make it to their winter homes! Monarchs are the only species of butterfly that have a 2-way migration similar to birds, and like birds, they can fly 50-100 miles per day during their travels south!

How can you help? Plant a few nectar flowers to fuel them along the way and some milkweed to feed future generations of caterpillars. Purchase your milkweed from Enchanted Gardens and you help Mustard Seed too!

Enchanted Gardens loves Monarchs almost as much as we do, and has joined our cause to restore lost habitat. Together we created the #milkweedmovement a little over a year ago as a way to spark awareness via social media. We are proud to announce that our hashtag currently has over 500 posts from all over the world and has even been adopted by Harvard University for their posts pertaining to monarch butterflies! We are excited to see the movement spreading!

If you're out and about over the next few weeks, make a stop at Enchanted Gardens and grab a few milkweed plants! They have lots of varieties ready to feed all of your caterpillars and will be donating a portion of the proceeds from every milkweed purchase to Mustard Seed at the end of the season. Every caterpillar you feed gets us one step closer to breaking ground and starting construction on our work program building!

To purchase milkweed plants, visit Enchanted Gardens at:

6420 FM 359

Richmond, TX 77406

M-Sat 8-5:00 and Sun 10-4


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