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Our Work Program

How we help make a difference one life at a time. 


Work Opportunities for Adults with Disabilities

We are building a horticulture based work program where adults who have disabilities can look forward to meaningful jobs.


Our program will:

  • Teach work and life skills to participants which will help grow their confidence and independence

  • Create a place where all are welcome and valued!

At Mustard Seed Farm & Market, we believe that everyone has something to offer and that they will learn, grow, and thrive when given the opportunity to participate.

In addition to job skill training, our program will focus on improved mental health through physical activity and encouraging community involvement. This will help provide networking and relationship building with the goal of increasing job opportunities in the local area.

We also donate a portion of our milkweed plants to local parks, gardens, churches, retirement communities and schools.  Our participants will be a part of the selection process, delivery or planting of those donations.

Growing Milkweed


The process of germinating native milkweed seeds is incredibly time-consuming and requires multiple steps that most nurseries don’t have the time, equipment, or staffing for. We saw the need for this work to be done and that it would be a perfect way to introduce the world of horticulture to our work program participants.


Many of the participants in our program will thrive in a quiet environment with repetitive scheduled steps that they can easily learn and then master. Seeding and caring for native milkweed plants in our greenhouse is the perfect example of this type of work and we know it will be a great match.

Living in the Houston area and having greenhouse access ensures that we can plant the seeds for these plants almost year-round and continually train and employ participants in our program.


Program Details

Our program will operate weekdays from 9am to 4pm.  We will start with up to 8 participants and increase based on demand.

The curriculum will include all tasks necessary for commercial greenhouse production. Participants will work within the greenhouse, the work program building, and at various community activities.

Please contact us for additional information.

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