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Our Story

Ashley & Derick Grubb

For the last 11 years, Ashley & Derick Grubb have worked in the fields of education, horticulture, work programs for adults with disabilities, and residential care for adults with disabilities. They have been nurturing the dream of creating Mustard Seed Farm and Market all along the way.


They believe that each of their experiences has been a building block toward making this dream a reality.

After years of planning and growing trials, they are moving ahead on their dream to start a greenhouse growing facility and work program to benefit adults with disabilities.

butterfly enclosure1_edited.jpg

Monarch Butterfly and Native Milkweed Program

Growing native milkweeds is a way for us to combine our lifes' passions and help provide a safe, sustainable food source for declining monarch butterfly populations as they migrate through our area.

Ashley, the director of the milkweed program for Mustard Seed, has a degree in Conservation Biology & Biodiversity from Texas A&M with a second major in Entomology. Working with adults who have disabilities as well as increasing monarch butterfly habitats are both near and dear to her heart.


Our Thanks

We have to give credit for the creation of Mustard Seed to the endless support and encouragement as well as donated time and resources from our family, friends, and board of directors.

Milkweed Movement

Your financial support will also grow our #MILKWEEDMOVEMENT, which in turn helps generate an awareness on social media for how to create an environment where monarch butterflies can thrive and ways to help families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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