Our Story

Who we are

Mustard Seed Farm & Market is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to provide work and resume building for adults with disabilities. Mustard Seed Farm is located in Richmond, Texas, in Fort Bend County.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide meaningful work for adults who have disabilities, to foster a sense of belonging within the community, and to nurture independence and self-confidence so that no one feels lost in the world.


Our vision

As we grow, our long term plans include expanding from native butterfly milkweed into edible crops and building a farmer’s market complex on site that is staffed and operated by our program participants. Within our farmer’s market we be able to expand our program to add shipping, customer service, and retail-oriented job skill training as well.

We also fully intend to incorporate residential housing into the same complex once our program and market are well established.

We will strive to provide the opportunity for meaningful work to all different levels of ability.

Our founders: Ashley & Derick Grubb

For the last 10 years, Ashley & Derick Grubb have worked in the fields of education, horticulture, work programs for adults with disabilities, and residential care for adults with disabilities. They have been nurturing the dream of creating Mustard Seed Farm and Market all along the way.


They believe that each of their experiences has been a building block toward making this dream a reality. Mustard Seed is where you can find local food that makes a difference. We believe in growing great plants, produce, and people!

After years of planning and four years of growing trials, they are moving ahead on their dream to start a farm where everyone always feels welcome.

Our thanks

We have to give credit for the creation of Mustard Seed to the endless support, encouragement, and donated time and resources from our family, friends, and amazing board of directors. Without them, we would still just be dreaming.


Our progress

We are currently raising funds for Mustard Seed Farm. Our plan is to break ground and begin construction in the spring of 2022 in Fort Bend County, Texas.

How you can help

One of the most important ways you can help support Mustard Seed Farm is by donating. All funds raised will be used for our work program building, building wheelchair-accessible pathways, and preparing our work program.

Every dollar brings us one step closer to providing an environment where adults with disabilities can gain real-world job experience in the horticulture industry.

Milkweed is the sole source of food for monarch butterfly larvae (caterpillars). Your donation will also support our #MILKWEEDMOVEMENT, which in turn helps create an environment where monarch butterflies can thrive.

Please consider donating today by clicking the button below!

Farm Photos

A Milkweed