Help Us Grow!

Our mission at Mustard Seed Farm & Market is to provide meaningful jobs for adults with disabilities. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we rely on donors like you to help fund our programs and help us grow.


How We Will Use Your Donations

Building Construction

Most of the money we raise will be used to help construct our main building. The overall estimate for the building is $60,300. Your donations will help fund: 


  • the concrete slab foundation

  • the building structure itself, including:

    • framing, siding, roofing, doors, and windows

    • electrical wiring

    • heating/cooling system

    • a kitchenette

    • an ADA-compliant restroom

  • a large work table

  • storage shelves

  • permit costs

  • labor costs

Accessibility Improvements & Supplies

Once our goal for the main building is met, we also hope to raise an additional $40,000 to purchase necessary supplies and make improvements to the land so that our facility is accessible. Here's a breakdown of expected expenses beyond the main building:


  • a sidewalk from the greenhouse to the building and parking lot, making the entire place wheelchair accessible wheelchair-height work tables and water lines

  • greenhouse equipment

  • raised beds (construction and materials)

  • pots, soil, and related supplies

  • seeds (for the years when we don't receive them as donations)

  • marketing materials (for example, signs to put in the gardens we donate, business cards, and much more)

Read More About Us

We were featured in the Fort Bend Herald on January 25, 2019. You can view the full article here to gain some more insight into our ultimate vision for Mustard Seed Farm & Market.


Please consider donating today! If you have any questions, you can reach us at Thank you so much!