Growing great plants

Mustard Seed Farm & Market is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit horticulture-based work program.

Our plants have a purpose.

Mustard Seed Farm & Market was created to offer employment and job skill training for adults who have disabilities. Our plan is to provide meaningful work, while teaching skills that will allow our participants to gain employment outside of Mustard Seed within the horticulture industry.

Capital Campaign Progress


We've made good progress toward our goal of raising enough funds to construct our work program building. That will enable us provide day program services and employ adults who have disabilities.  So far, we have commitments for land to build on and use of a greenhouse to grow the plants we will sell to generate the funds that will allow us to become a financially self sustaining organization.


What We Still Need


The remaining piece of the puzzle that is still needed in order for us to begin operations is a basic, climate controlled building such as the one pictured. This will provide an additional safe space for our participants to work.