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Dreams Come True!

We have been spending every free second filling out grant applications to try to raise the money needed to get started on our Mustard Seed workshop building. We should hear back from 3 grant foundations within the next 6 months. In addition to our grant writing campaign, we also have the opportunity to enter in a really exciting contest called CHIPSTARTER 2.0. (and only a week to do it!) Chip Gaines- host of our favorite show, Fixer Upper, is offering the opportunity to make dreams come true. We are submitting a video that we will be filming in the trial garden tomorrow with the help of a wonderful, talented friend, along with our business plan and our dream of having a handicap accessible building so we can get Mustard Seed Farm up and running. We will find out if our dream is becoming reality on September 17th, so please keep your fingers crossed for us!

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