Our Programs

How we help make a difference one life at a time. 

Work Opportunities for Adults with Disabilities

We are building a garden and farmers' market in our community where adults who have disabilities can have fun, meaningful jobs.


Our community will:

  • Teach work and life skills to employees to grow confidence

  • Provide a beautiful location and respite for the families and caretakers of employees

  • Create a place where all are welcome!

At Mustard Seed Farm & Market, we believe that everyone has something to offer and will learn, grow, and thrive when given the opportunity to share in the labor.

We bring people together and help make our community healthier and more beautiful through gardening and growing fresh produce.

Our variety of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and plants will allow the participants in the training program to interact with the local community at farmers markets and give back!


Annually, we also donate a portion of our milkweed plants to local parks, gardens, churches, retirement communities, schools, etc. and our participants will be a part of the delivery and/or planting of all donations.

Monarch Butterfly and Native Milkweed Program

Growing native milkweeds is a way for us to combine our lifes' passions and help save declining monarch butterfly populations.

Ashley, the director of the milkweed program for Mustard Seed, has a degree in Conservation Biology & Biodiversity from Texas A&M with a second major in Entomology. Working with adults who have disabilities as well as increasing monarch butterfly habitats are both near and dear to her heart.

The process for germinating native milkweed seeds is incredibly time-consuming and requires multiple steps that most nurseries don’t have the time, equipment, or staffing for. We saw the need for this work to be done and that it would be a perfect match for our work training program.


Many of the participants in our program thrive in quiet environments with repetitive scheduled steps that they can easily learn and then master. Seeding and caring for native milkweed seedlings in our greenhouse is the perfect example of this type of work and we know it will be a great match.

Living in the Houston area and having greenhouse access ensures that we can plant the seeds for these plants almost year-round and continually train and employ participants in our program.

While we grow a variety of fresh produce and other products that will help fill out our market offerings, butterfly milkweed plants will always be our foundation.

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Every donation is tax deductible and supports the network we're building! All donations will directly fund the construction of our farm, including our work program building, paved pathways, and wheelchair ramps to provide an accessible environment for all of our farmers.

Become a part of our supporting community and help make Mustard Seed Farm and Market an incredible success!

Our Milkweed

Why is milkweed so important?

Milkweed plants (family Asclepiadaceae) are the only food source for monarch butterfly caterpillars. However, milkweed has severely declined in North America due to drastic changes in land use or management, like agriculture and housing developments. Milkweed losses and other stressors are associated with declines in migratory monarch butterflies over the past 20 years. To compensate for the loss of milkweed, gardeners across North America are helping monarchs by planting milkweeds, and by keeping milkweeds safe from pesticides. Native varieties are especially important and difficult to grow.