Part of our mission and vision at Mustard Seed is to find ways for our program participants to be involved in the local community. We want to foster relationships and encourage collaboration with other local organizations.

In accordance with this objective, we have gladly sponsored Amber Richards, a Fort Bend County Girl Scout pursuing her Gold Award. The Gold Award is a project that determines a need in the community, and takes steps to fulfill that need, therefore making the community a better place.


One of her areas of interest is urban farming, and specifically, the nutritional benefits of eating healthy, local produce. For her project, she has created a set of instructional cooking videos that not only involve ingredients grown in our Mustard Seed Trial garden, but also are easy enough to prepare for families with varying cooking abilities, so they can create them easily together. We are so proud of her effort and hope you will enjoy cooking with our ingredients!  


For a written version of the recipes, please see the recipe link below the videos.

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